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Meet See Francis

Meet See Francis

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Casmir Francis, better known as see.francis is a recording artist, producer and actor. Born in Newark, NJ, while having ties across the Tri-State he calls home “the Garden”.

Creating his own exclusive style of lyricism and delivery to match his distinct personality and life views gives francis a lane of his own. see.francis is a man who lives completely uninhibited with an outlook that consists of no rules or limitations.

His life experiences have shaped him and given him the opportunity to tell a story not often told, genuinely. After releasing his first solo project “Red Lights” (Executive Produced by TheVAMP) Francis began to step forward as one of the most promising emerging artists. Since signing with up and coming Indie label ‘iLLustrious (I.M.G.)’ see. went to work on his next project titled “Fiat Lux” . Fiat Lux, an EP, gathered stellar reviews being called one of the best of 2014 from the likes of The Source, Karen Civil,and many other well respected outlets.

In addition, see. has appeared in “Cash Rules” starring Treach, Naturi Naughton, and J.D. Williams, and a handful of other roles. see. is already back to work on his next project “L!GH+$ViaXXXX”.

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452 Holly Lane
Hopewell, VA 23860
+88 (0) 101 0000 000


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